A Chef’s Delight...Sweeeeeet!

by Karen Dea, co-chair

The rhythm was progressively unstoppable as an exhilarating fundraiser was being planned and the climax was nearing fruition…this was the rhythm of the remarkable committee that didn’t miss a beat in presenting the Wa Sung Community Service Club’s 11th annual ‘A Chef’s Delight,’ a food and wine tasting festival fundraiser!

A crowd of 300+ attendees, consisting of the club’s members, corporate sponsors, Friends of Wa Sung and loads of gregarious guests were present on October 2 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center to enjoy close to 40 vendors, exhibiting wines & beverages, desserts, and restaurateurs. Stage presence was the setting for the VIP & Sponsors to enjoy an early appreciation reception. Jazz saxophonist, Prasant Radhakrishnam shared the stage accenting the ambiance with live Jazz music.

Instantly one was greeted at the lobby with a fabulous Silent Auction that had a variety of items for everyone! Our emcee, Katie O’Shea, roved around the event talking to the guests and vendors. Without a hitch, she was declared the best auctioneer, promoting the bids for the many unique live auction items! The amazing Pulled Noodle demonstration by The Ark Restaurant energized the floor with audience amazement.

This fundraiser benefitted the Wa Sung Community Center and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Approximately this fundraiser generated a gross of $33,000, hugely attributed to the generous sponsors. The proceeds go toward the WS Community Center programs and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

Though it took over 90 volunteers on the day of the event, the Committee Members were phenomenal as they participated in the pre-months of planning, attended the many meetings that covered over 18 areas of putting together ‘A Chef’s Delight’; the following definitely deserves kudos for the magical moments of the event:

Co-Chairs: Nancy Chang, Gloria Gee, Jeff Lee, Lucy Meyer, Lan Shaw, and Karen Dea;

Committee Members: Norma Kropelnicki, Emily Onglatco, Nora Yee, Jeanne Pong, Doreen & John Lew, Lucas Maciel, Mona Shah, Margaret Mar, Cimberly Eng-Tamura, Alex Lock, Donna Chan Chu, Susie Farris, Roland Hui, Jeff & Cindy Quon, Richard & Adrienne Fong, Cyndee Lim, Audrey Huie, Arnold Mew, Raymond Tang, William Wong, Peggy Woon, Clayton & Cheryl Yukumoto, Eileen Tong, and Josephine Hui.